From servicing your septic tank to fixing your bathroom’s leaky faucet, we do it all. Our team of licensed and insured professionals provide the comprehensive solutions you need to upgrade existing fixtures, repair damaged systems, and have the peace of mind that your plumbing will not cease to function when you need it most.


Drains will eventually clog. ROWE'S Plumbing has the knowledge and equipment to clear drains quickly! We offer snake or auger cleaning, camera inspection to see what is clogging the drain and water jetting. Water jetting uses a high pressure water stream to clear difficult clogs like mineral content, grease, and tree roots.


Your exterior water and sewer lines can freeze in the winter. ROWE'S Plumbing offers Hot Water Jetting services to unclog those lines quickly!

Our Freeport, IL Plumbing Services Include:

• General plumbing repairs

• Water leak detection and repair

• Toilet repair

• Plumbing inspections & tune-ups

• Shower pan repair

• Installation and repair of tankless water heaters

• Installation and repair of traditional water heaters

• Garbage disposal repair and replacement

• Back-flow prevention

• Sewer line repair

• Installation of sinks, toilets, and fixtures

• Floor drains installation

• Drain, sewer & rooter line cleaning

• Water and sewer line location

• Water pipe replacement, including sewer pipe

• Water softener and filtration system installation

• Gas system testing, installation, and repair


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